Unguided DIY Outfitted Alaska Moose float hunts

Unguided DIY Outfitted Alaska Moose float hunts


Unguided Moose Hunt Supplies & Equipment

These DIY, unguided Alaskan moose river float hunting trips take place in Southwestern Alaska’s secluded interior river systems. 

They are fully outfitted/supplied adventures. A minimum of two hunters is required to book the river float hunting trip for moose. Other than the unguided moose hunters we have outfitted to hunt on the river, you will not encounter hunters from another Outfitter Service.

These hunts have ample provisions and sustenance required to undertake an extraordinary rewarding river float hunting trip. The tents are 6-man Alaska Guide Model or Extreme Weather grade style tents with folding cots, camp chairs and a small table. A well-stocked variety of nutritional food/beverages, all cooking/eating utensils, 3 or 5 gallon collapsable water jugs, LED lanterns, 2 burner propane cook stoves, fuel for the stove, freighter pack frames, 200' of strong nylon rope, detailed maps of the river and more.

The rafting equipment for the Alaskan moose float hunt includes high-quality durable 14’ rafts, patch kits, rowing frames with oars, an 80-quart ice chest, cargo platforms, life jackets, and other types of tack needed for this trip.

We know it is important to provide a healthy well-balanced diet, with quality equipment to provide a proper night’s rest to the hunter to aid in retaining the energy level essential to put in a respectable effort each and every day of the hunt. We have included these concepts into our operation for the rewards they offer everyone and the overall impact they provide to the experience of these trips. 

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What to Expect

What to Expect

Since we outfit our clients with substantial wide-ranging equipped hunting camps and the river rafting/float gear equipment, the amount of your personal gear/equipment needed to bring is minimal. Hunters have a 70 pound weight limit for their hunting supplies/equipment and personal gear.

On the FAQ page you can find the Suggested Personal Equipment/Gear List, Outfitted Equipment/Gear List of the Supplied Provisions and the Daily Meals & Food Supplies. This information will help you understand what gear, equipment and supplies we provide and what personal gear you need to bring. You are given an Itinerary covering the logistical information, and contacts needed to secure other essential types of information of you may need before and after you return to Anchorage that can help you with taking care of your harvested game.


We offer 4 or 5 DIY, Unguided Alaska Moose hunting trips per season. Provided you have a Big Game Hunting License, the proper Big Game Tags, you may hunt for Black Bear, Wolverine & great fishing if you have an Alaskan Sport fishing license. Wolves in GMU 19 do not require a big game tags to hunt them.

Most of the rafting equipment, gear, tackle, and camping supplies necessary for these trips is stowed or cached in the field at one of the base campsite during the off-season. Because we can cache this equipment and supplies in the field, we save the additional expense of bush plane flights to transport the equipment out to the field and back to town every season. This enables us to keep the cost reasonable when hunting in such a remote part of the state of Alaska and provides our clients with a great opportunity to hunt for moose successfully in a remote & isolated region.

Alaska Bush Adventures Moose Hunting Country


Alaska Bush Adventures Moose Hunting Country

The substantial distance from any major city or rural community & lack of developed landing strips in this remote part of Alaska discourages Air Taxi/Transporter Flight Service Operations from bringing their hunters out anywhere nearby. Persistently working diligently over the years, we have created & maintained the only deep and straight stretch to land a plane on floats and will allow us to take off with a full load back to Anchorage. In turn, allows our hunters a way to enjoy hunting Moose without competition from other hunters. The flight from Anchorage to the starting point of your float trip is over two hours. The flight back to Anchorage at the conclusion of the float trip is a 2-1/2 hour plus flight. We use DHC-2 De-Havilland Beavers with wing-tip fuel tanks provide extended flying time in order to safely reach these distances. The lack of other developed landing strips in this remote part of Alaska and the substantial distance from any major city or rural community prevents Air Taxi/Transporter Flight Service Operations from bringing their hunters out anywhere nearby. 

Hunting Area


Hunting Area

Hunting for Moose in Game Management Unit 19, allows big game hunters to enjoy the benefits of the Intensive Predator Management Control System that was reinstated after 12 long years of suspension back in 2004.  Fortunately for us, our Guided and Unguided Moose hunts take place in GMU 19. Due to the Predator Management Program, Moose survival rates are now much greater than it was during the years they stoped the Predator Management Programs. We have observed an impressive and balanced growth of all Wildlife in general, including   Bulls and Cow Moose. Since then, the number of these successful programs have been expanded somewhat in other areas of the State. Where implemented, they are currently bestowing additional steady and balanced wildlife and Ungulate population growth. Fortunately, we are again able to enjoy the sound benefits of these sensible and successful types of Game Management programs which afford a good balance for all Wildlife species and continue to provide some great Moose hunting.

DIY Alaska Hunting Trips


DIY Alaska Hunting Trips

We offer 2 different styles of DIY Unguided river float hunting trips for Alaska Yukon Moose. You have a choice of doing a river float for about 40 miles or a longer float trip of roughly 110 river miles. The longer trip takes approximately 36 plus or minus hours of actual floating time, determined by the varying water levels. Even though these rivers are rated Class 1, rafting experience is recommended for our Unguided Hunters.

Our longest float trip begins on a small body of water near the headwaters of the river system where we can land with a floatplane and ends once you have arrived downriver at our base camp location. On these trips, we strongly recommend you only set up camp two to three times and take your time as you progress down the river corridor. The take-out location is at our Main Base Camp down the river where an extended stretch of the river is deep, long, and straight enough to land safely and take out a good load. We supply maps of the river and are have a take-out location marked, including the GPS coordinates. Many years ago, we enhanced this entry/exit strip by cutting and clearing out obstructions and debris making it possible to have access to hunt & fish this river system efficiently. 

Unit 19 Alaska State Hunting Game Regulations require anyone hunting for Moose in Unit 19 to exit within the same Game Management Unit which they hunted. Because of our landing strip within Unit 19, we are able to satisfy this Regulation and provide a way to access and exit the river where none existed before. The flight time from Anchorage to this river, coupled with the substantial expense required to travel this distance has been an important factor as to why we still enjoy having the area to ourselves. The benefit of being out beyond where any Town or Village Air Charter Services operates provides our hunters with an increased opportunity for success and a great hunting experience.

Unguided DIY Alaska Moose Black Bear & Wolf hunts


Unguided DIY Alaska Moose Black Bear & Wolf hunts


Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing Float Trip  $11,600 ea 12 days or less

Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing Float Trip  $12,600 ea 14 days

  • Non-hunters/Observers on Unguided Hunts $500 per day
  • Moose Tag $800
  • Black Bear Tags $450
  • Wolverine Tag $350
  • Wolves $0 in Unit 19
  • Non-Resident Hunting License is $160
  • 14-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $105
  • 7-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $70
  • 3-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $45
  • Your personal gear allowance on these charter flights is 70 pounds each.
  • Minimum of two people 

Hotel rooms in Anchorage for the day of your arrival to Anchorage & the night you return from the field from your hunting trip. Single or double occupancy is around $150 per night. 

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Unguided Moose - Hunter References


Unguided Moose - Hunter References

2023 Wayne Waite 937-477-4214 Pa,                                  2023 Daniel Waite 937-581-9369 Pa.

2023 Seth Maefsky 509-879-6731 Wa.                                2023 John Scott 602-882-1432  Az.

2023 Tim Littleton 480-283-5974 Az.                                  2023 David Nugent 610-310-2874 Pa.

2022 Sonny Sanders 805-550-6803 California                   2022 John Scott 602-695-3842 Arizona

2022 Will Willitts 541-610-5398 Oregon                              2022 Ryan Chadderdon 507-461-0888 Minnesota

2021 Hunter Webster 717-337-5252 Pennsylvania             2021 Chris Lerch 210-559-9712 Texas

2021 Kieran Flemings 231-203-3119 Michigan                    2021 Korey Eppinette 717-940-8654 Pennsylvania

2021 Brandon Gingrich 717-917-5703 Pennsylvania          2020 Tom Hyde 518-891-0634 New York

2020 Tim Campbell 518-891-6250 New York                      2020 Russ Carnell 518-891-1917 New York

2020 Hunter Webster 717-337-5252 Pennsylvania.            2020 Randy St Marie 503-702-4628 Oregon

2019 Erik Talaski 989-225-3962 Michigan.                          2019 Greg Talaski 989-550-4620 Michigan


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