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With long main beamed antlers that are massive and impressive along with their white manes they are remarkable in appearance and will make a great trophy for life.

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Please take the time to read the information below as you will find many interesting facts about Alaskan Brown Bear and Alaskan Grizzly Bears and valuable information about how we conduct our Guided hunts with the use of Super Cub airplanes, outboard Jet Boats, 8 wheel drive Argos and 4x4 ATV's for these majestic trophies.


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We focus on hunting Moose, Brown Bear and Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Caribou and multi species hunts. We specialize in accessing the bush by using multiple methods of reaching remote areas with jet powered boats; float boats, all terrain vehicles such as our 8 wheel drive Argos along with 4x4 ATV's, floatplanes, and if needed piper cub planes with tundra tires. Alaska has vast wilderness expansions but achieving access to hunting much of it is formidable. We think it is very important to take any extra steps we can by using all reasonable methods of transportation to get our hunters away from the excessively used small lakes and runways where anyone can land. If you are further interested in our services and would like to learn more about how we operate, we will be glad to send you one of the 16 different 1 to 2 hour hunting DVD's or videos. All I ask is that you take the time to give us a call to discuss your Alaska hunting interests and what big game animals you want to harvest. We can then discuss with you, how we conduct these types of hunts. Once we have gathered information from you and have told you more about our services we can then best select a DVD or video that will shows the particular type of hunt you are interested in. Each one is footage from a season that the Guides take of the Guided client's hunts along with any Unguided clients footage we can get from them. Please feel free to call us and we will gladly spend the time to tell you more about our operation. Thanks, Les & Ryan Krank.

We offer an assortment of different types of trips ranging from 8 to 21 days in the field. Dehavilland Beavers on floats and also Piper Cub airplanes with tundra tires can get you into very remote areas where you will hunt from mobile spike camps. Our most popular type of trip is hunting from one of our river based wall tent camps that are spread out over numerous tributaries using boats with outboard jet powered units on them. It is from these camps that we also utilize our all terrain 8-wheel drive Argos and 4x4 ATV's to access the far back woods wilderness country. We also do some river floating excursions using rafts with rowing frames. We offer two different types of floats trips. These allow you to travel approximately 30 to 90 miles of river while going through excellent hunting and fishing country. One of which begins on a small headwater lake and ends approximately 90 river miles at one of our base camp down river. The other type is when we take you up river by jet boat to a remote tributary off of the main river. This allows you to do a float beginning in the upland mountain country that has little or no other hunting pressure. On both trips you will set up your camps two to three times as you move down the river. You will spend an average of three to five days in each campsite. There is also some excellent fishing on these rivers for Silver Salmon, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling and Northern Pike so be sure to bring your pole. From the river you can hike up into the hills and glass the mountains, ridges and the valleys in the distance. Stopping when you are floating to look over an area that could be productive. Remember, patience and perseverance are important to the success of your trip. The game is there but it often takes good hard glassing and time to spot them when they are in the brush or bedded down. Depending on which trip you do, you will spend up to 36 hours of actual floating at normal river levels. The rivers are Class I and II and rafting experience is recommended for the unguided hunters who do the float hunts. You need to be prepared both mentally and physically for all the trips, as it can be exhausting putting up with some bad weather, hiking over the tundra, up and down mountains, packing meat, trophies and hunting long days.

There is an $850 round trip air charter to get from Anchorage to the main base camps and back. It may seem like a large expense but it will ensure that you will get away from the Air Taxi drop off hunting crowds. It also covers the flight to get your trophies back to the town or village of your starting point from the base camp. Each hunter has a personal gear weight limit of 70 pounds total. That includes all your personal gear and weapons. We will weigh your gear and if over you will have to leave it at the flight service. Do not try to bring your hard gun or bow cases into the field! There is a secured place at your hotel in Anchorage to leave your city clothes and hard cases. Any items that you are forced to leave due to exceeding your weight or size limit will have to be left at the flight service and they will not take responsibility for anything left. Be sure to give yourself an extra day or so, at the end of your hunt for bad weather and to get your game prepared for the trip home. There will always be at least one day of travel time at the beginning and end of every trip. These are not hunting days and should be deducted from the total number of days that a trip is listed for.

The River Base camps offer our most comfortable accommodations and offer one a great chance for harvesting your game without having to do the more strenuous type of spike camp hunting. You still need to be in good shape to have a more successful and enjoyable trip. At these camps we have large wall tents for dinning and common use with wood stoves for heat and propane burners for cooking. There are generators for power, hot showers, outhouse toilets and sleeping quarters with cots. In these camps we have satellite phones for communications with each other and emergency use. The Guides also carry video cameras to capture your hunt and daily activities for you.

By using the boats with the jet motors on them we can travel up or down the river and its tributaries for miles to hunt and get into many of the smaller streams that feed the main river. From here we can use spike camps when hunting, or we may return to the base camp every night. This is can be very productive, as other hunters cannot fly along the river and land where we are hunting with our jet boats. This allows access to remote areas where mature animals inhabit that cannot be reached any other way. We are the only Guide/Outfitter in this area that operates on these rivers and streams in this fashion. Give us 6 inches of water and a chain saw to cut through old logjams and we can get to places never hunted before.

Our Caribou hunting is done from Western Alaska's Mulchatna herd. We may use Jet boats and hunt from the river bottomland and meadows up into the rolling mountain alpine tundra country. Or we may access the uplands by Piper Cub planes, Argos or ATV's. This way we can glass and hunt both the higher open country for Caribou and Bears, along with down into the timber and willow along the river and meadows where the Bull Moose hang out. With our Guides many years of experience in Moose calling, raking, glassing and knowledge of their habits, you will have an edge on getting your Moose.

Brown Bear and Grizzly bears are plentiful and large in the Alpine tundra and along the Salmon streams in the area. We hunt for them over carcasses, along the streams as they eat fish and by glassing for them as they feed on wild berries along the hillside. Using these techniques and pre-scouting game movements we are productive and hunters can be more successful. Hunting for Brown Bear and Grizzly bears is said to be long hours of glassing and minutes of sheer adrenaline and excitement. If you have ever wanted to hunt these great bears now is the time as the population is rapidly growing and the chance of taking one is good. You now can take one every year until we can get the bear population under control. Black bear hunting is done much in the same way and in most of the same areas.

The quality of our unguided hunts is similar to our guided hunts, in that we go that extra mile to get our unguided hunters into a remote area to hunt. They will not have to worry about numerous Air Taxi operators dropping others on top them in their hunting area. What most first time hunters to Alaska do not understand is the means to reaching a good hunting area is not a given thing. Access is difficult to most of the remote wilderness areas where hunting is going to be productive. With a large number of Air Taxis or Charters in the state all using the easy to reach places like remote landing strips, lakes & larger rivers it is difficult for them to find areas to put out hunters where they will not have company. Without taking an extra step to get you away from these types of drops you will be hunting in an area that has undoubtedly been heavily hunted for years and you stand to have competing hunters in the immediate region you are hunting.

All unguided hunters will be responsible for understanding all necessary game regulations, salvaging all edible meat, capes and antlers from their game. If extra plane trips are required for unprepared meat or if you are not at the pick up spot and ready to go when scheduled to be picked up, you will be held responsible for payment of extra flights before leaving the field. Unguided hunters will need to purchase, in advance, their hunting license. This is so you can list the license number on the overlay mail in card after viewing the Fish & Game required two videos “Is This Moose Legal” and “Meat Care.” We can provide the videos and necessary paperwork to meet this mandate prior to your hunt.

You will be provided all necessary ground transportation while in Alaska. We assist you in making hotel reservations where cold storage is available for your game upon returning from the field. Hotels will provide courtesy ground transportation to and from all bush plane flights and local airports. Upon arriving in Anchorage, you will pick up your baggage and contact the hotel for a free shuttle ride to your room. It is only a few miles away from the airport. We also will be arranging your in state flight travel plans for you.

We are a licensed vendor for harvest tickets, licenses and tags. You can purchase them from us, once you arrive in the field at our base camp. We will not accept personal, business or travelers checks in the field for any kind of payments. Therefore we operate on a cash only basis in the field.

As mentioned before, it is most important that our hunters realize a significant amount of riding in boats and ATV's, hiking, climbing mountains, unpredictable weather, and the occasional need to use spike camps that could provide less than comfortable conditions will be required. It is also necessary to advise all hunters that during a hunt, and from time to time, a hunter may go home without an animal. We often see trophy game, but at times we see less than hoped for. Hunting should be more than the harvesting of animals. The combination of being in the great Alaskan Wilderness, seeing and enjoying the nature around you, with good outdoor companionship is something you should cherish and take away with you as a great experience. Our crew, who are experienced and have worked together for many years, will help to bring your goal into reality by working hard to help you harvest your game. However, the camaraderie of our crew is also much apart of enjoying the Alaskan experience of Hunting Camp. This is what hunting is all about, and is a challenge against the odds. We strongly suggest that you purchase traveler-hunting-deposit insurance to protect your investment. Most travel agencies can help you choose a policy that will work for you.

If you have more questions about our hunting services please call us at 480-657-3174 or 602-996-1783, and I will be glad to spend some time with you or if you'd rather I call you, email your phone number to and let me know the best time to give you a call.

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Beside myself as an Alaskan Master Guide/Outfitter, our guiding crew consists of my son Ryan Krank and Roy Austin both with Registered Guide licenses along with our seasoned assistant guides who have been part our team since the late 80's and early 90's.

If you have found this information has peaked your interest for a Caribou type of hunt, please take the time to call us with your questions so we can tell you more about our services.

Thank you, Master Alaskan Guide/Outfitter Hugh Les Krank and Registered Guide/Outfitter Ryan L. Krank.