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With long main beamed antlers that are massive and impressive along with their white manes they are remarkable in appearance and will make a great trophy for life.

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Please take the time to read the information below as you will find many interesting facts about Alaskan Brown Bear and Alaskan Grizzly Bears and valuable information about how we conduct our Guided hunts with the use of Super Cub airplanes, outboard Jet Boats, 8 wheel drive Argos and 4x4 ATV's for these majestic trophies.


Alaska Bush Adventures L.L.C. has been in business since 1985. Our goal is to provide you with personal service and success, while you are enjoying yourself in the great Alaskan Wilderness. We offer many different guided fall and spring Alaska Brown Bear and Alaska Grizzly Bear hunting trips.

Here is some good advice that was shared with us, which we agree with and think you should be aware of when planning your Alaska Big Game hunting trip. Sport hunting in Alaska is not like any of your local travel agency's tours that have a plan laying out all agendas that rarely vary from the described program. The sport hunting experience just doesn't work that way. You might say fair chase sport hunting has open itinerary-lots of plans, strategies and ideas that are likely to change daily or even hourly. Everything may go as planned...or nothing will!! Surprises, confusion, delays, disruptive weather conditions, disappointments, risks of death or terror, disease, hazards, great joy, and sudden unexplainable changes are likely at any time. However, this is precisely what creates the challenge, the excitement, the memories, and the sense of perseverance, accomplishment and victory! There are no guarantees. You must accept this fact, or don't go. Alaska has less big game per square mile than any of the lower 48 states. The success of your hunt should not be solely based on the harvesting of your animal. You will find it different with varying standards, but that is what sport hunters thrive on and must be why they go, for they understand that the game they bag is only a small part of the overall hunting experience. It is all a part of fair chase and adventure. Fair chase is real hunting! Sport hunting may not be for everyone. Success rates on some hunts or certain species are higher than others. Book what your time and income can handle without skimping. Sport hunting is seldom a bargain. Your mental and physical stamina are important and must be considered. Wild animals can be dangerous and so can weapons, boats, planes, all terrain vehicles, the weather, mountains, rivers, streams, the Alaskan environment and your fellow man. Imperfections of man, beast or equipment are a part of the hunting adventure. High standards are admirable, but ailing, inflexible, hard to satisfy or difficult people with a history of problems, hard drinking or complaining who can't accept these realities should not go. Life is too short for all of us to risk spoiling this potential life-long memory. Leave your tape measure, personal problems and all difficult people behind. The service may not be what some expect. Alaska Bush Adventures will tell you how it might be, could be, or should be, but we really can't tell you for sure how anything will be-or even if you will enjoy it. We can't promise anything for sure, except that Alaska Bush Adventures wants you to be successful, have a good time and will work hard to the end. Fair chase hunting, especially for the difficult, rare or large trophies, may require more than one hunt. A lot of unexpected physical effort or hardship and walking may be required, even on the easiest types of hunts. In some cases, the arrangement may not be all that you wanted or expected, but the hunt is what it is. The obstacles you encounter daily are what distinguishes fair chase sport hunting from fenced property hunts, game farms or any type of controlled shooting. What one sees as a dream hunt may be a nightmare to another. Alaska Bush Adventures use various types of camps and methods, depending on the situation. We may discuss several, yet you and your guide may daily use another method. Big game animals, weather and luck are unpredictable. It is an adventure and experience where success is not measured only by the quantity or quality of game taken. Big Game Hunting is the pursuit!!.

If you have more questions about our hunting services please call us at 480-657-3174 or 602-996-1783, and I will be glad to spend some time with you or if you'd rather I call you, email your phone number to and let me know the best time to give you a call.

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63" & 68"+ Bull Moose
#1 Moose & Caribou Hunting on Bull Creek Ridges
On this 55 minute video you'll witness five bull moose and seven bull caribou taken by rifle and contender pistol. All animals were taken while float hunting on a remote, scenic river in western Alaska during one of the coldest falls on record. See hunters choose their trophies from hundreds of passing caribou during a snow storm. $15.00 plus shipping and handling
DVD or Video
68"+ Bull Moose
#2 Trophy Moose of Cordova
While on these hunts we take seven caribou (some of record book class), and five bull moose (one over 70"). We also have fun catching some excellent Silver salmon in the Kaliakh River. See how we call in 2 large bull moose after the hunters have tagged out. Included are some techniques on how to call and rake for moose. 55 minutes. $15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
55"         65"+ and      68"+ Bull Moose

#3 Giants on the Chilikdrotna River
Get in on the action while you watch six huge moose harvested, ranging from 64" to 69". Four of these clips show over the shoulder shots. One shot for a huge 69" non typical bull was taken from 40' up a spruce tree. Also on this hunt, we take six caribou, and one black bear over 6 & 1/2' , scoring over 21 points and shot at 20 yards by an archer. See the young sons of outfitter/guide Les Krank, make some excellent shots taking 4 bull caribou. 55 minutes.
$15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#4 Mulchatna Caribou & Dall Sheep at Post River
On this video you'll watch hunters take their trophies from hundreds of caribou as they cross the river on their migration through the Hoho Valley. Three bull moose, three caribou, two black bear, one wolverine and two Dall sheep taken from the lofty mountains of the Alaska Range. Experience hunting from the valley of the Hoho, to awesome heights of Post River Terra Cotta Mountains. 55 minutes. $15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#5 Monster Bulls of Wolf Creek  
58" Bull Moose

Five moose and six caribou are taken on this hunt up a remote creek in western Alaska. You'll see a monster moose taken, over 66" with huge lower brow tines, and other exciting and successful stalks on caribou. Big game hunting at it finest by using jet boats to get up streams never hunted before. This area was so remote, you'll witness us chainsawing through ancient log jams to access the area where we harvested these animals.55 minutes. $15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
9 1/2"+ Billy
#6 Timberline Hunting for Bulls, Bruins & Mountain Goats
On this classic hunt there are nine big moose, eleven caribou, two Mountain Goats, one Brown Bear and one Black Bear. Watch this great footage as we sneak up on a big, sleeping bull moose and surprise him. Partake in fantastic Mountain Goat hunting in Southeast Alaska's coastal forests. Enjoy breath taking scenery and hair raising hunting on the cliffs to find these awesome animals.40 minutes.
$15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video

#7 Float Hunting Alaska

55" to 66" Bull Moose

Watch us take down four moose and five caribou. Two different families go on separate river hunting trips for moose & caribou. Both have the trip of their lives with the same great results. One is a family of 4, Father, Mother, daughter & son. The other was 2 sons and Dad. Observe the families as they enjoy hunting together in the great outdoors of Alaska's bush country 55 minutes.
$15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#8 Super Cub Caribou and the Charging Bear
One Black Bear, one moose and eight caribou. Fly into southwest Alaska landing on mountain ridge tops and the tundra, hunting caribou in herds. Hunters harvest these majestic animals from the Mulchatna herd as large groups of them are migrating through the alpine tundra country. See a charging black bear, taken by a back up hunter as the gun jams on the first over excited hunter. 55 minutes.
$15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#9 Bucks, Bulls & Bears of Alaska
Hunt with us while we take ten moose, nine caribou, four Sitka deer and two bear. Go with Alaska Bush Adventures as they travel from the interior of Alaska to the fabled Kodiak Island, hunting the far north's big game. Foreign hunters from Germany take some record book moose & bear. With more exciting moose and caribou hunting along the rivers of the interior. Watch as they travel by bush plane south across Kodiak Island, landing in a remote bay to go in search of the bountiful Sitka Deer. This video will show you wilderness unmatched in its magnitude and natural beauty.105 minutes.
$24.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#10 Grey Back Mountain Bulls
On the southern slopes of Grey Back Mountain ridges and the upper reaches of the secluded South Fork River, we find grizzly bears, lots of bull moose along with numerous bands of caribou from which our hunters take a grizzly, 7 caribou and 3 bull moose. Three of these caribou are shot with black powder rifles. Watch as another hunter stalks a huge bull moose with a bow. There is also some great fishing for Silvers, Dolly Varden and Arctic Grayling. You will also see Trumpeter Swans, Eagles, and Spruce Grouse.
$15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#11 Bulls on the South Fork
Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Alaska Range on the flyout in an Alaskan float plane to our hunting camp. Go with us as we hunt through some of the vast tributaries of the Kuskowim River Valley. We will pass up many nice bulls before taking five different big bull moose, six bull caribou, and one black bear along these mountain streams. We also slow down enough to enjoy some great silver salmon, dolly varden, arctic grayling and pike fishing between the hunting excitement. 1 hour 45 minutes. $15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#12 Alaska Bull Moose in the Rut
Hunting Alaska for bull moose in the rut and migrating caribou through the famous upper Kuskokwin River drainages. Witness several moose being called in and looked over while harvesting twelve big bulls. Watch as the hunters also take five caribou, one grizzly bear, and one wolverine. 1 hour 55 minutes. $15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#13 Hunting Shotgun Creek
Because we are always expanding areas to hunt, Shotgun Creek is now one of our new favorite hunting spots. There is no lack of action here. We found a hunting paradise. One of the most interesting things about this location was the amount of bear. As you will see in the video, 2 black bear, 3 grizzly bear along with 3 moose and 2 wolves were harvested. $15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#14 Hunting Hook Creek Foothills
Hook Creek has always been a great place to find world class Alaskan game. This year was no exception. Because of the location of these foothills and the river below, it is a perfect refuge for all game. Several impressive animals were taken this year including 5 caribou, 2 black bear, 3 moose and 2 grizzly bear. $15.00 plus shipping and handling

DVD or Video
#15 Hunting Western Alaska's Rivers and Alpine Mountains
Join us on our flyout Supercub hunts in pursuit of brown bear and caribou. Ride along in the Argo accessing several miles of mountain ranges in pursuit of large Caribou herds and Brown Bears. Be amazed as we call in Bull Moose to within 10 yards and stalk Bull Caribou to 15 yards. Get the blood flowing by watching several other Black Bear, Brown Bear, Caribou and Moose being harvested along with fishing for Northern Pike, Red and Silver Salmon and Arctic grayling. $15.00 plus shipping and handling
DVD or Video
#16 Secrets of an Alaska Master Guide / Outfitter
This is our 2 part - 2 hour 55 minute DVD on how to set up your own Guided or Unguided Alaskan Big Game Hunt. It shows you inside secrets on how to save many hundreds of dollars while avoiding the hassles, frustrations, hidden costs and common mistakes made by first time hunters to Alaska. This DVD will provide you with many years of Alaska hunting hindsite that is guaranteed to show you how to save money, time and disappointments. Eight important points before considering what type of hunting service you want or need, main points on how to choose a float trip, how to understand which hunting services are legit and which to avoid, dozens of pro-hunter big game tips, how you can successfully plan for an outfitted hunt inexpensively, 10 of the biggest rookie "mistakes" when hunting Alaska, info about using bush villages to get away from the crowds, 4 different ways to get into the backcountry, 3 of the most inexpensive ways to get your trophies back to the lower 48 and why some trips are doomed from the start. This DVD also has tons of action packed over the shoulder footage that will thrill the heck out of you. It also comes with 20 minutes of bonus footage on how to expertly cape and field dress a Barren Ground Caribou for no extra cost. All this and much more for $49.00 plus shipping and handling
DVD or Video
Alaska Bush Adventures Collection
A collection of the most exciting hunts for Alaska's big game includes videos
1-15 . This fantastic video collection shows years of the finest of hunts we've guided. Over the shoulder action taking of Moose, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Mountain Goat, Wolverine, and Brown and Black Bear. Travel with us by bush plane into the Alaskan wilderness whereby using our impressive jet boats on rivers and streams, we get into country never before hunted. Watch river float trips on wild, scenic rivers, and Super Cub for Dall Sheep and Mountain Goats in the high mountain valleys.

These are truly awesome videos showing non stop action along with breath taking sights of the back country. Our videos are not commercialized productions, but are hunters and their guides having the time of their lives all while enjoying the wilds of Alaska. You'll also be able to learn some unique calling and raking hunting techniques from experienced guides for hunting big game in Alaska.

DVD or Video $165.00 shipping and handling
Alaska Bush Adventures Collection DVDs 1-8
DVD $90.00 + shipping and handling
Alaska Bush Adventures Collection DVDs 9-15
DVD $90.00 + shipping and handling

Beside myself as an Alaskan Master Guide/Outfitter, our guiding crew consists of my son Ryan Krank and Roy Austin both with Registered Guide licenses along with our seasoned assistant guides who have been part our team since the late 80's and early 90's.

If you have found this information has peaked your interest for a Caribou type of hunt, please take the time to call us with your questions so we can tell you more about our services.

Thank you, Master Alaskan Guide/Outfitter Hugh Les Krank and Registered Guide/Outfitter Ryan L. Krank.